SEO iconLeft Field Web Design offers a host of online services including search engine optimization.  Studies show that the number of pages on the web doubles every 30 days.  Google, Yahoo! and Bing indexing sometimes just can’t keep up with this exponentially growing number.  As the popularity of the web grows, traditional sources of information (yellow pages, classifieds, television advertising, print advertising) have lost effectiveness and, ultimately, traffic.  These are in steep decline.  This being the case, it is essential that your business gets found.  Page four or five on Google searches will not get you the business you need.  You need to be on page one.

Left Field Web Design analyzes your company, your competition, your industry and your region and populates your site with the words that people are looking for when they look for your goods or services.  We also understand the code many designers overlook; the code that search engine spiders expect.

Contact Left Field Web Design today to find out the “ins” and “outs” of SEO and begin the process of getting your company on Page 1 today.

Search Engine Optimization services start at $495.