QR Codes

Left Field Web Design QR codeA recent survey showed that nearly 40% of web traffic is mobile.  With the growth of Smart Phones and tablets, your customers are using their devices (phones and tablets like iPads) to quickly find the goods and services they’re looking for.  You’ve probably seen QR codes before.  They’re the squiggly bar code looking things in magazine, mailings and online catalogs.  They allow mobile users to actually take a picture with their iPad or phone and immediately go to the web bringing up your website, your product or your service.  The popularity of QR codes is growing at an exponential rate.  They are so popular because they’re so easy and convenient to use.

Left Field Web Design will create and register your business, product or service QR code and provide you with that code for your mailings and advertising giving your business yet another way to get found.  Contact us to find out more about maximizing this exciting new technology and order your QR code today!

QR Code setup & registration services start at $95.