Using passion and emotion to drive visitors to become customers.

Small Business Web Design by Left Field

Finally a design firm that has your bottom-dollar in mind.  Web design with small business and medium size business budget and needs in mind.  With our SEO services, you get found.  But, do your visitors stay?  Ever hear of bounce rate?  Bounce rate is the time it takes for website visitors to leave a site.  For most websites, bull riders are on the bull longer than visitors are on the site.  We’re about changing that.  With our Web Design services, you not only get found.  You get remembered.  You also get visited again and again.  That will grow your business.

In addition to SEO and attractive design, we MOVE people to action.  Many sites aim at calling people to action.  We MOVE your site’s visitors to action.  We do this through emotion and information.  We tug the heart strings or make them laugh or simply convey the facts in a passionate way.  In this tough economy, your site needs to be more than just an online business card.  We create lead generating machines.

We do all this knowing that money doesn’t grow on trees.  Specializing in making local, small businesses successful, we understand the limits of budgets.  We’re not a big-ticket design house.  We’re a shop focused on helping your small business be as successful as possible.  We focus on Raleigh, Cary and the Triangle area of North Carolina but we’ve worked on projects nationwide.  Contact us to learn more how we can help your business reach the next level!